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Chinese Herbals, By Way of Utah
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About Sunrider International
The 25 years of research, development, expertise of Chinese herbs, and state-of-art manufacturing facilities make Sunrider, “Simply the Best!” in herbal products...

Sunrider history on youtube
Educational, interested and useful to every one who use Sunrider Foods and wants to know more why they work..

Philosophy of Regeneration
Sunrider Products may be the most important addition you can make in your life for optimum health. Find out about the Basic Sunrider Program for Anti-Aging and Health Regeneration. This information could change your life!

Philosophy of Regeneration on youtube
Dr. Tei-Fu Chen explains Sunrider's unique Philosophy of Regeneration™

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Vitalite® Slim Caps™

Ingridients: Camellia Leaf; Perilla Leaf; Capillary Artemisia Stem; Gardenia Flower; Chinese Rhubarb Root; Rehmannia Root; Chinese Glodenseal Root; Baikal Skullcap; Phellodendron Amurense Bark; Aloe Vera Leaf; Saigon Cinnamon Bark;Chinese Thoroughwax Fruit
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Formulated with Sunrider's owner expertise and based on the Sunrider Philosophy of Regeneration, Vitalite® Slim Caps natural weight loss supplements are designed to work synergistically with the body's own natural cleansing systems. Vitalite Slim Caps are designed to give you a jump start on a healthy lifestyle that will help promote longevity and happiness. Unlike many other weight-management products on the market today, Vitalite® Slim Caps are all natural, made without chemical and synthetic additives.

Slim Caps are amazing combination of herbs that not only cleanse, but also enable our bodies to come into balance.

Tip: If you’ll measure yourself before you start eating Slim Caps, you’ll see the benefits will be far greater in inches than in pounds.

Usage: Start by taking 2 casules, morning and night, over first week. Depending on your response to the Slim Caps, increase until you taking 6-8 capsules, morning and night. Every two to four weeks you should go off the Slim Caps for at least a week, continuing to eat the rest of the Sunrider products. The actual amount of time off will vary depending on your individual tolerance for intense elimination.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.