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The 25 years of research, development, expertise of Chinese herbs, and state-of-art manufacturing facilities make Sunrider, “Simply the Best!” in herbal products...

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Sunrider Products may be the most important addition you can make in your life for optimum health. Find out about the Basic Sunrider Program for Anti-Aging and Health Regeneration. This information could change your life!

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 Dandelion Root
[на русском]

Scientific Name: Spirulina platensis.
Spirulina is a species of edible micro algae. In bulk, it has a mild taste common to fresh water algae and has a long history of human consumption. The iron in blue-green algae has been found to be easily absorbed by the digestive system, unlike the iron found in spinach and various other plant sources. Spirulina is composed largely of protein and is noted for its essential and non-essential amino acids.
It also contains Pro-vitamin A, which is converted to Vitamin A by the body.
Spirulina boosts immunity and clears bacterial infections. It's best source of protein for vegetarians. A sort of ‘power-food’ that give energy quickly and increased stamina.

Dandelion Root

 Dandelion Root
[на русском]

Dandelion Root has a powerful "cooling" effect on the body's circulation. In various cultures, it has been pickled or roasted as a coffee substitute, and its extracts have been used as a flavoring for food and in teas. This single herb has been traditionally attributed with properties that act as a tonic to the stomach to help the digestive system and to relieve minor sore muscle pain. Dandelion Root is a natural source of iron, flavonoids and glycosides.

Dong Quai

The "female ginseng" because of its balancing effect on the female hormonal system.

 Dong Quai
[на русском]

Dong Quai is especially beneficial for women experiencing the symptoms of PMS as well as menopause. It has been used in China for thousands of years as a beneficial herb in tonics for the blood, especially for women. It is believed to contain nutrients that have a positive effect on the glands that produce female hormones. It helps alleviate the common symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), such as bloating, mood swings and abdominal cramps. Dong Quai has also historically been used by menopausal women to help decrease the symptoms and severity of hot flashes.

Chinese Goldenseal Root®

Support your body's circulatory and defense systems!

 Chinese Goldenseal Root
[на русском]

Chinese Goldenseal Root is a hardy perennial native to the bogs and damp coniferous woods of China. It is a pungent, bitter herb that is considered one of the major beneficial herbs in Chinese culture. Chinese Goldenseal Root contains Berberin and Coptisin and is believed to soothe the mucous membranes and respiratory tract. It has been used traditionally for a variety of purposes, including helping circulation and supporting the immune system. Known as a "cooling herb," it has been used traditionally to alleviate "hot" conditions that benefit from cleansing.

Wu Chia Pi®

Increase your stamina, support your immune system, and reduce stress!

 Wu Chia Pi

Wu Chia Pi is a "warm" herb helps increase stamina, strengthen resistance and reduce stress. In Chinese medicine, it is valued as a bittersweet, "warming herb", that has a long history of traditional use dating back more than two thousand years. The roots and root bark are used in decoctions, powders, teas and tinctures. This single herb has been used in various tonics and beverages for its adaptogenic (normalizing) effects, especially to benefit the bones and joints. Other benefits include increasing resistance to environmental stress, such as exposure to high temperatures and conditions that cause motion sickness. It has long been used to increase stamina, improve athletic performance and relieve occasional sleeplessness. It is also known to support the body's overall immune system.

Korean White Ginseng

Improve work efficiency and increase your overall resistance to stress!

 Korean White Ginseng

Korean White Ginseng is a sweet herb traditionally used to help stimulate as well as relax the body's systems and as a general tonic for improved well-being. It is an adaptogen that increases overall resistance to stress. Its properties are believed to improve concentration, memory and work efficiency. Studies by Soviet scientists in the 1950s confirmed it to be an "adaptogen" that tends to normalize the body's functions.