Beauty Pearl® Ingridients

SGH KOREAN GINSENG: Nourishes the muccles, benefits the nervouse system and helps to balance the function of the hormone secretion espcially related to reproductive organs. The korean Ginseng seems to have more of a cooling effect on the body, and is good for hot climates, as well as, for energy, strength, and endurance. It’s commonly eaten by athletes who want to increase their indurance and performance.
SGH ROYAL JELLY: Food produced by the “worker bees” for the “Queen”. It is highly nourishing food for her because she has to lay the eggs for the hive. Research has found this food to be extremly beneficial to the skin with proven healing and nourishing properties. The extract seems to contain 18 amino acids or protein, pantothenic acid, B Vitamins, and other minerals.
SGH CHRYSANTHEMUM FLOWER EXTRACT: works most completely when mixed with herbs, and os widely used as a tea(It is also in our Sunectar). It has been known for it's anti-infection, anti-infammatory, and cell nourushing properties.