srt Five Elements

Five Element Theory is one of the most popular theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
This theory helps people understand how natural changes within body and outside environment affect peoples health.
Proponents of this system use the relationship of five elements
and the meridians or channels of energy in the human body to bring forces back into balance.
The five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water.
They were selected based on the observations of ancient oriental philosophers who theorized that the natural world embodied these elemental characteristics.
Oriental Medicine uses this time-tested, diagnostic model to analyze how the various parts of a person's body and mind interact to affect health.

These relationships are illustrated in the Five Element Chart below,
which shows how each element is related to specific aspects of your body and mind.

Element Organ Bowel Surface Type Opening Trait Mental Part Taste Body System SR Formula
Water Kidneys Bladder Bones Ears Fear Will Power Salty Circulatory LifeStream
Wood Liver Gall Bladder Nerves Eyes Anger Mental Activity Sour Immune/Defense Alpha20
Fire Heart & Sexual Glands Small Intestine Blood vessels Tongue Arrogance and Impatience Intuition, Joy, Peace Bitter Endocrine Prime Again
Earth Spleen & Pancreas Stomach Muscles Mouth Worry Pondering Sweet Digestive Assimilaid
Metal Lungs Large Intestine Skin Nose & Sinuses Sadness Orderliness and Rightness Spicy Respiratory Conco